Hosting overzicht mei 2013

Totale uptime in mei 2013 op Ad Delivery Platform: 99,888%

Totale uptime in mei 2013 op Content Delivery Platform: 99,888%

Totale uptime in mei 2013 op Streaming Video Platform: 99,888%

Totale uptime in mei 2013 op Ad Management Platform: 100%

On May 14 and May 15, we were the target of a DDoS attack, which was aimed specifically at our load balancers. As a result, the ad delivery platform, the content delivery platform and the streaming video platform, were unavailable for a total of 50 minutes. The first incident started on May 14 around 12:16 UTC, the second incident on May 15 around 15:49 UTC. During the incidents, the platforms could not be reached in many cases because the load balancers were unable to pass on incoming network to the virtual servers. Ironically, the actual servers have been up all the time, performing faster than usual even because of the relatively low work load they were receiving.

To enable us to better handle the negative results of a recurrence of these DDoS attacks, we have taken several measures in the second half of May. We have upgraded and significantly improved the capacity of our load balancers by migrating them to new hardware, and by installing more recent and powerful software. We have also implemented several techniques to enable automatic fail over from the main load balancer to the reserve load balancer in case of problems. Finally, we have put monitoring tools in place to enable us to proactively catch signals of upcoming attacks.

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